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Here’s a testimonial I received via email:

"I smoked cigarettes for over 40years without ever attempting to stop. I began to feel that my health was being seriously effected by tightness in my chest, shortness of breath and bad coughing. For about 2years I knew I was going to have to stop but I always found an excuse not too.

I decided to get some help and was given Carol Scotts phone number. I had one session of hypnotherapy with her and I have not had a cigarette for over three months now. The most surprising thing has been how easy it has been. I feel now completely free from smoking and gradually my chest is clearing and my breathing improving, I no longer have the incessant smokers cough. It is truly fantastic".
Fiona McKie

Recent happy client:

I’ve wanted to give up smoking for so long and now I have achieved it! Whilst I’m aware that hypnotherapy has helped many people to kick the habit, I believe that the level of professionalism and attentiveness you bring to your client’s needs adds an extra dimension. This, along with the specifically tailored session, was the key to my success. I would not hesitate to recommend you and your services to anybody who was thinking of trying hypno-counselling, for smoking or for that matter any other reason. Thank you so much Carol." Sally Paes

Client who has since recommended me to two friends:

"I had not experienced hypnotherapy before and decided to give it a try to help me with a fear of flying that I'd had for a long time.  The whole experience was better than I could have imagined. Not only did the hypnosis leave me feeling relaxed and de-stressed, but just two weeks after the single session I discovered that hynotherapy had completely removed my anxiety about flying." Jim Wallman.

Emails and texts I've received:

"I'm amazed.  After just one session I was able to go to work on the tube yesterday after years of being panic-stricken at the thought of being on the underground.  I can now get my life back. A big thanks". G Lewis

"Hi Carol, I saw you a few months back for hypnosis to help me with some exams.  I just wanted to let you know I passed
every single one and achieved a rare 100%.  What you did certainly worked for me so thank you very much".